SAM Plan and Tech Support Linked
By Janet Sheldon

BASIS International Ltd. has implemented a new policy and Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) to meet the increasing demand for technical support. In 2001, BASIS successfully resolved more than 10,000 incidents. Our new policy and IVR enables us to more efficiently track and respond to such incidents. On January 1, 2001 BASIS credited existing PRO/5®, PRO/5 Data Server® and ODBC serial numbers one free incident, which expires at the end of the year. Once this initial incident is used, additional incidents are chargeable and will cost $100.00 USD. With a Software Asset Management (SAM) plan or Developer's Kit, you receive five incidents per serial number per year, and the incidents will be renewable when you renew your plan or kit.

Many of you may have already experienced the new IVR automated system when calling the Technical Support line. But how do you know which menu option to choose? The following are some guidelines that will help you understand the new phone procedure and which option to select.


Choose Option 1, " To Reset or Register" then Option 1 to" Reset a license" for the following reasons:

  1. I have had a change in hardware or moved to a new machine, and my current license is no longer valid.
  2. I have registered the product but have not received the license file or fax.
  3. I cannot read the fax.
  4. I am not certain which product I should be using or other pre-sales questions.

Choose Option 1 "To Reset or Register" then Option 2 "Registration" for the following reason:

  1. I am using the phone method to register a license.

Please have your serial number available when choosing Option 1, "To Reset or Register." License Resets are directed to the BASIS Sales department. They do not count as an incident and will not decrease your available incidents.


Choose Option 2 "BASIS Technical Support" then Option 1 "Initiate a new call" for the following reasons:

  1. I have received and installed a license and looked at the Support Knowledge Base and Technical Tips (URLs below), but I am still getting FLEXlm errors and require assistance from a technical analyst.

  1. I have a question or problem not found in the Online Documentation or BASIS Knowledge Base (URLs below):

Choosing this option requires the product serial number. Remember, when entering the numeric digits to include the leading 5 for PRO/5® serial numbers. You will find information on how to locate your serial number in the following Knowledge Base article:

After selecting this option, you will be directed to Technical Support, provided you have available incidents. If you do not have available incidents, you will be directed to the BASIS Sales department, where you may purchase an incident or the SAM plan. When leaving a message for Technical Support, be sure to leave your name, phone number and product serial number so that an analyst may tie your voice mail to the appropriate serial number. At this point, your call is entered into Technical Support Call Tracking system, and the available incidents on the serial number will be decreased. Please note that for some serial numbers you may be directed to your OEM for support.

Choose Option 2, "BASIS Technical Support" then Option 2 "To continue with an existing Tech Support call" if you are calling on existing incident.

  1. Choose this option if you are already working with an analyst.
  2. Choose this option if an analyst has tried to contact you, and you are returning his/her call.

This option requires the six-digit call reference number.

Choose Option 2 "BASIS Technical Support" then Option 3 "To leave a voice mail".

  1. Choose this option if you cannot determine your serial number and wish to leave a message. Messages that have serial numbers receive priority over the general message box. Messages left in this mail box will count as an incident, once the serial number has been determined and a technical support call has been entered.

E-mails to technical support also require the product serial number. If an e-mail is sent to, and it does not include the serial number or call reference number, an analyst will reply with an e-mail requesting this information. E-mail requests that have serial numbers without available incidents will be redirected to the BASIS Sales department, who will then contact the Customer regarding purchasing an incident or the SAM plan.

Web e-support requests also require a serial number. When you submit the e-support request, the serial number is validated and a call is entered in the Technical Support Call Tracking System if there are available incidents. If no incidents are available, you are notified immediately and you may contact the BASIS Sales department to purchase an incident or the SAM plan.

We hope this article helps you to better understand the new system and to ease the transition into the new program. In addition to the extra incidents, the Software Asset Management provides the latest language enhancements, the latest language technology and technical support services all rolled into one. It costs less than one standard update or upgrade, so the plan saves you money. You can also budget your software and support expenditures year-to-year as an operating expense rather than a capital investment.

The Developer's Kit Program gives in-house developers the ability to develop and test with the latest BASIS products. With the developer's kit you have access to all releases of the product you purchase and technical support services at a greatly reduced price. BASIS offers the developer's kit at an 80% discount from current list prices. The kit contains one-year renewable licenses that can be tailored to any number of users needed for in-house development use.

The complete support policy may viewed at the following URL: