OpenBASIC MKEYED Conversion Help

ASIS has always focused on delivering robust, competitive functionality within its products, but that functionality is most easily delivered to code written in our language. We spend a great deal of time and effort to ease the transition of an application from another language into ours.

It is in this vein that we have purchased a set of utility programs that make the conversion from OpenBASIC applications to BBX and PRO/5 much easier. In addition to downloading them here, you can also find these programs and the respective documentation included in our "convert" directory that comes free with all BASIS products. It is also included with our utilities programs downloadable from our website.

BASIS Welcomes Back Apps/Service Directory

or those of you who have been with BASIS for a while, you may remember when we published a directory of applications and developers utilizing BASIS products. This was a very powerful marketing tool that presented BASIS Customers and their products.

We are revisiting this concept with a new area on our website. We have renewed the BASIS Application/Service Directory in the form of active HTML. This format will allow us greater functionality and flexibility in presenting the incredible world of BASIS Customers and their products. We are working on additional plans to publish and promote these pages to further aid our Customers in their marketing endeavors.

Please feel free to visit this site regularly as we expand its contents. If you have a service or application that utilizes BASIS products, please send a submission request form to

Notice that the Application/Service Directory is managed using the BASIC Web Utility.

Free BBj Technology Briefing and Workshops...Coming Your Way!

n the fall of 2001, BASIS began hosting Technical Briefings and Workshops (TB&Ws) to communicate the features and functionality of BBj®. These gatherings are designed to be informal, open forums where BASIS presenters can review and demonstrate BBj features, its architecture, and the various aspects and advantages of its configuration options.

The TB&Ws are divided into two parts. BASIS presents and demonstrates BBj in the morning, then lunch is served to the group, followed by an afternoon of "hands-on" demonstrations of BBj for anyone bringing a laptop.

Everyone is welcome. If you have an existing application you want to get on the Web, or if you're just curious as to how we have built a comprehensive Business BASIC with JAVA, sign up for the TB&W nearest you. You may just want to see the new technology available or the latest in Integrated Development Environments.

If nothing else, come and have lunch on us, and tell BASIS about your current application or the one you are planning to write. We would love to see you. For location information and to sign up online, please visit