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Introducing BASIS Solution Partners Table of Contents Wired for Web Right Now

Because going GUI is the preliminary step to BBj and its e-business capabilities, we've created a new class, Modernizing Your Application, which helps decision-maker developers determine GUI migration plans. Teaching the class are Dr. John Schroeder, BASIS Chief Technical Officer, and Sam Vulopas, President of VLS Consulting and a GUI migration expert. John and Sam use real-world case studies from other companies' migration projects to demonstrate key points. The class delves into how to:

  • Determine the requirements for migrating your character-based BBx® applications to event-driven GUI applications
  • Identify the elements of an application that need graphical user interfaces and those that don't
  • Plan and implement your GUI migration
  • Make better use of new and existing BASIS product features, such as sockets and highly recoverable and 64-bit files

Modernizing Your Applications is a class designed for experienced BBx developers who have worked with Visual PRO/5, our GUI development product. We encourage developers interested in attending to bring the character applications they want to migrate for more customized assessment of their projects.

We can also arrange for on-site GUI training at Customer locations. E-mail for more information.

If you've never done any GUI programming with Visual PRO/5, you'll want to sign up for the class titled Visual Programming With BASIS Products. Prior to TechCon2000 in October, this class will discuss BASIS GUI tools with Visual PRO/5. After TechCon2000, this class will assume knowledge of Visual PRO/5 and will move into advanced GUI application development with BBj with an emphasis on thin client applications and their role in e-business.

To find out more, visit our Web site at There, you'll find full course descriptions, schedules and class fees. You can also register right online.


Introducing BASIS Solution Partners Table of Contents Wired for Web Right Now

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