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By Win Quigley
The BBj Beta Program Table of Contents Partners in GUI

usiness Basic begins to get better today, right now, as we prepare to release the BBj Data Server. This is the first of the BASIS product line designed to bring the promise of Java, electronic business and enterprise-level computing to the Business Basic developer.

Architecture of BBj Data Server

The BBj Data Server is at the heart of every BBj (patent pending) product BASIS will offer. All data access and all program development depend on the BBj Data Server. Hence, it is the piece BASIS needed to complete first.

It improves data access, allow much more ODBC functionality, brings JDBC capability to the BBx® user, and works with existing BBx programs and data. And it is available today. It gives you the power to manage enterprise-level data. With other BBj components, it can become the key point of data access for your Web-based clients. Of course, it will also handle your BBx legacy data.

Like all BBj components, BBj Data Server is written entirely in the Java programming language. This means it can run anywhere there is a 1.2.2 Java Runtime Environment. (See the discussion of JREs in this issue's What's Brewing With Java column.)

Quite simply, the BBj Data Server does more work than any previous BASIS database management tool. Some of the features include:

      Backward compatibility with the PRO/5® and Visual PRO/5® SQL engine
      Backward compatibility with the BASIS ODBC Driver® 1.0 through 3.xx
      All scalar functions as specified in the ODBC 3.51 and JDBC 2.0 specifications
      Ability to create custom scalar functions
      Ability to create custom date types
      Ability to create custom aggregate functions
      Server-side execution and processing of SQL statements
      Cross-platform support for client applications via the thin BBj ODBC Driverô and the thin BBj JDBC Driver
      Intelligent query optimizer
      Optimization strategies for one or more ORs in the WHERE clause
      Nested SELECT statements
      Support for the INNER JOIN syntax
      Comprehensive logging that includes all optimization decisions made by the optimizer
      Expressions are allowed in ORDER BY and GROUP BY clauses
      Relational views
      Positioned UPDATEs and DELETEs
      Forward and backward cursor scrolling

The Enterprise Manager
The BBj Data Server comes with a tool that provides one central location for managing all BBj Data Servers located throughout the enterprise. It's called the Enterprise Manager. This easy-to-use GUI application is written entirely in Java and can therefore be run on any machine with a 1.2.2 JRE and a windowing system. Features include:

      Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
      Can be run as a stand-alone application or as an applet on a Web page
      Allows centralized administration of any accessible BBj Data Server
      Ability to list all databases located on each BBj Data Server
      Allows for configuration of server settings such as access controls and mapping of database names to BASIS data dictionaries and data file
      Allows for database and user-level security

The Drivers
Included free with BBj Data Server are ODBC and JDBC drivers that function as clients of the data server.

The BBj ODBC Driver allows for access to the BBj Data Server by any ODBC-compliant Windows application. This ODBC driver is a "thin" client that relies on the BBj Data Server for all of its processing power. The BBj ODBC Driver features include:

      ODBC 3.51 compliant
      Support for UNICODE applications such as Microsoft Access 2000
      Efficient multithreaded operation
      Support for the use of code page translators
      Very easy setup and configuration
      Most configuration information is done on the BBj Data Server, eliminating the need for complicated and less secure client configuration

The BBj JDBC Driver allows for access to the BBj Data Server by any JDBC-compliant application. The BBj JDBC Driver is written entirely in Java and is therefore completely cross-platform. This JDBC Driver is a "thin" client that relies on the BBj Data Server for all of its processing power. The BBj JDBC Driver must be used with a 1.2.2 JRE.

      JDBC 2.0 API compliant
      100% Pure Java
      Very limited client configuration involved

The BBj Data Server uses the FLEXlm license management system. Rather than buy clients for everyone who wants to use the data server, you buy just as many connections as you think might be required to the data server. The clients are free. With FLEXlm, you can let anyone in the enterprise connect to the BBj Data Server when they need it. You'll save money and make your installation and configuration easier.

BBj Data Server starts you on the road to the future of Business Basic. Visit our Web site for more information about the BBj Data Server and other BBj development at


The BBj Beta Program Table of Contents Partners in GUI

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