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Java Balloon I want to extend to each of you, Advantage readers, a hearty invitation to attend our technical conference, to be held September 29 and 30. This year's conference marks both a closure and an exciting new beginning for BASIS International Ltd. and our customers. Our next generation product, BBj™, fulfills our Volcano strategy, begun in 1996, and will deliver to Business Basic developers the true platform independence that so many of us have coveted for so long. In the following pages, you'll read about a lot of the features and strategy of BBj, but you'll get to see it in action as a beta version at our conference. It is our expectation that BBj will dramatically enhance the way Business Basic developers have thought about, created and marketed applications. But we know you need to preserve and make full use of all the resources you've put into your existing applications; therefore, BBj will be backward compatible with BBx. And we know you need performance; BBj will be as fast or faster than PRO/5®.

There is more, however, to the conference than BBj. You'll see and learn about GUI applications with current BASIS products and our advanced GUI tools. We'll present information about our own efforts to implement e-commerce, flexible licensing and formalized software testing. And we'll share knowledge about sales and marketing concepts, tools and strategies to promote and grow your business.

Visit our headquarters in Albuquerque in September and discover why the Future is BBxponentially Better!

George Hight,

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