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Tid Bytes: Install A BASIS ODBC Driver

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By Jennifer Mills

Q: I'm trying to install the BASIS ODBC Driver® 2.0 with the new FLEXlm system and it's asking me for license information. I've entered the correct serial number, but what do I need to do next?

A: The BASIS ODBC Driver 2.0 README file briefly explains the steps needed to activate the ODBC Driver using the new FLEXlm license system. Starting with version 2.0, the BASIS ODBC Driver is shipped with a temporary license file that allows the product to be used for approximately 60 days from order date. You can activate the ODBC Driver with this temporary license file by specifying the file's location in the supplied dialog box.

If you downloaded a demonstration copy of the driver from the BASIS website, you should have also requested a temporary license file be delivered to you via fax or email. This file includes instructions on where it should be located and how it can be used. If you didn't request a temporary license, you will need to go back to the website and do it now.

If you purchased a BASIS ODBC Driver from a BASIS salesperson and requested media, you will receive a Temporary License Authorization Number along with the media. Once you enter the information in the License Registration window, send it to BASIS via email or fax. A permanent license file with a unique activation key will be sent to you shortly via the method you sent it to BASIS. We have an automated response system in place to process permanent license file requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: I received a license fax from BASIS. Where should I enter the information on it?

A: To enter the information from your license fax, run the Install a BASIS License program from the start menu. This program asks you to choose between entering the information manually or searching for a license file. You will need to select Enter License Information and enter the data in the fields manually. There is an entry field in the license information dialog for each field that appears on your fax.

Q: If I choose the Browse option when installing the BASIS ODBC Driver license file, where should I look for the file?

A: By default, the BASIS License Installation program looks for the license file in C:\temp\BASIS ODBC License.txt. If you received the license file via email, you should save this email message to a file and specify the location of this file in the Browse dialog.

Q: I can't get the installation program to accept the license file emailed to me. It tells me that the license wasn't found even though I can see the file in Explorer. What's wrong?

A: Your email program may have saved the message in a format that the license installation program has trouble understanding. If this happens, you can enter the license information directly into the program, much as you would do if you had received the license information via fax.

If you open the license file in Notepad or some other editor or viewer, you will see a line that starts with the word FEATURE. Each word that follows FEATURE corresponds, in order, to a field in the Enter License Information dialog in the Install a BASIS License program. If you have any problems with this process, don't hesitate to call BASIS for help.

Q: I've downloaded a copy of the BASIS ODBC Driver from the BASIS website. I've installed the temporary license file and I'm able to use the BASIS ODBC Driver, but what do I need to do to receive a permanent license?

A: BASIS needs a unique host identifier from your computer in order to generate your permanent license file. This information can be automatically collected and sent to BASIS by the BASIS License Registration program (details on this process are included in the BASIS ODBC Driver README file). Once BASIS receives this registration information, you will be sent a permanent license file via fax or email.

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