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By Clay Braziller

Pacific World Cosmetics is in the business of making the world a little more beautiful. For twenty years, the company's artificial nails and nail care products have helped millions of women become happier with their hands and made Pacific World a successful international company earning more than US$ 25 million in revenue last year.

Pacific World logo One element of Pacific World's success has been its continuing commitment to incorporating beauty into everything it produces. However, meeting these exacting standards has sometimes proven a challenge, particularly in the area of pre-printed forms. According to Walt Hadzinsky, vice president of Information Systems at Pacific World, the company needed to find a way to create pre-printed forms and letters that was easy, cost-effective, and attractive.

"We wanted to solve the problems of loading and unloading special forms," Hadzinsky explains. "We did not want to print on impact printers, nor did we want tractor fed forms. We also needed to replace all of our forms to print on a laser printer using different color photocopy paper. In addition, we required that all of our checking accounts be able to print on one kind of check, with different bank-encoded numbers at the bottom of the checks. This would allow us to have several bank accounts and not have to load and unload the different checks from the printer. Simply stated-our aim was to save at least five cents on each page printed."

Pacific World was also searching for a way to print bar codes on many documents to give it and its customers, vendors, and freight forwarders the ability to read and process transactions faster and more accurately. It was also decided that to present a good corporate image to customers, response letters that incorporated a logo and scanned signature were needed.

To fulfill all these requirements-including the five-cent cost-savings goal-Pacific World turned to Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. and its graphical forms software, UnForm. Because UnForm operates on a run time version of BASIS International's very portable PRO/5™ language, Pacific World was able to easily incorporate this new software into its current UNIX-based systems.

According to Hadzinsky, UnForm has proved to be a complete success. "We could not operate without this product," he says. "It would cost an extra six cents a page to do the same with regular printed forms-which quickly adds up when you have thousands of forms to print. In addition, the process is much smoother now with these forms. Users may choose the time they want to print their forms, and most of them don't need any special paper, just regular photocopy paper in a laser printer."

Another reason Pacific World turned to UnForm was its ability to print intricate and detailed items such as bar codes, a capability lacking in the company's accounting package. "[Our accounting software] performs no pretty printing such as bar codes, line graphics, watermarks, trademarks, MICR coding on checks, multiple fonts, and scanned images such as logos, photographs, and signatures on output documents," explains Hadzinsky. "In addition, we use UnForm to produce bar-coded labels on a Zebra printer which, before UnForm, required another proprietary program with which we were forced to integrate on an entirely different operating system."

Hadzinsky is also confident that UnForm is capable of meeting the company's long-term printing requirements. "At the moment, we are satisfied with purchase orders, invoices, bills of lading, picking lists, checks, many different labels, customer letters, survey forms, physical inventory forms-and a few others I probably missed-but with this product, the possibilities are truly infinite."

Clay Braziller is president of Triumph Communications, a firm that specializes in providing integrated marketing communications expertise to technology companies who are targeting the US as their primary market. He can be contacted at 604.874.6360.

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. can be contacted by phone at 800.446.7374, via email at, and through its website at

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