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The countdown to the new millennium has begun in earnest. You can feel it in the giddy excitement-mixed with sweat, stress, and shades of sheer terror-moving through the software industry. During the next two years, the most precious commodity in software creation is not going to be the typical development tools-the workstations, the browsers, or the operating systems-but time. The bone-crushing drive to keep the world's computers running past midnight on December 31, 1999, has transformed each soft click of the clock's second hand into a boom.

Here in the Business Basic community, some developers have been spared the monumental task of making thousand of lines of code ready for the Year 2000 ready by using the Julian and date format functions of the language (see "A Time for Dates," The BASIS Advantage Newsletter, Vol 11. No. 1 at for more information). But other pressures-customers' demands for GUI, better performance on UNIX systems, and web-enabled applications-are forcing everyone to stay aware of the speeding second hand.

That is why we're focusing this issue of The BASIS Advantage Magazine on new tools and customer services from BASIS that can help you make the most of your programming time. We start with several articles covering the time-saving features of Visual PRO/5™ v2.0 as well as a new SQL option in PRO/5™ v2.0 that will let you run leaner, faster applications on UNIX platforms.

Because ordering products and receiving technical support are also essential pieces of the development process, we provide an overview of the online services from BASIS that make these development tasks easier. The addition of newsgroups and a technical support knowledge base has made the BASIS website,, an even richer source of information, accessible twenty-four hours a day.

In addition to all the time-saving services and products we're covering, with this issue of the magazine, the Advantage becomes an easier to use source of information. Starting today, The BASIS Advantage Magazine is available FREE in print and online.

In response to the overwhelming support we have received from our readers and advertisers, we are now offering the magazine at no cost. If you are currently a paid subscriber, we have put your refund check in the mail and we have already signed you up for your FREE year subscription. If you are not currently an Advantage subscriber, you can sign up for a FREE year subscription online at or call BASIS Sales Services at 1.800.423.1394 (in the U.S.) and 505.345.5232. We also encourage everyone to check out our online edition of the magazine at the BASIS website.

The countdown to the new millennium is continuing and time is becoming more and more precious. All of us here at the Advantage want to thank you for spending your time with us last year and we look forward to providing you an interesting and insightful source of Business Basic information in 1998.


Amy Petré Hill,
Pat Catlett,
Art Director
Ernie Longmire,
Technical Managing Editor


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