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Jayne McKenzie, international and OEM sales manager, shows off the BASIS table at SCO Forum.
BASIS International Ltd. premiered the new Volcano strategy to SCO programmers, west coast customers, and the software press at SCO Forum '97, August 17-22. By all accounts, the show was a complete success.

According to BASIS' chief technical officer, John Schroeder, "I always enjoy talking with our developers and this show was a great place to do that. We found that many of our SCO Unix customers were starting to look into GUI migration and many more were interested in our ODBC Driver."

For Jayne McKenzie, the international and OEM sales manager, SCO Sales Forum was an opportunity to meet with international distributors. "We are constantly talking with our distributors on the phone, but it's good to meet with our international partners face-to-face when we can," said McKenzie. "At SCO Forum I had the chance to meet with many distributors and VARs. We discussed several isues and I reinforced BASIS'commitment to their success."

John Schroeder, Amy Hill, and Phil Cowdery, meet at breakfast to prepare for press interviews.
McKenzie continued, "We also spoke to a new potential distributor and discovered several new posssible business opportunities for BASIS products worldwide. I look forward to coming back next year."

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