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To a SaaS (Rental) License
Upgrade an existing license without SAM Plan software maintenance to a SaaS (rental) license:

  • Deliver your application as a service while protecting your intellectual property
  • Purchase SAM Plan coverage for the time that lapsed from the expiration date
  • Pay the annual license rental fee equivalent to one year of SAM
  • Bank the 12% reinstatement fee, applicable to lapsed SAM, that is otherwise incurred with a permanent license

This SaaS license is available in the Enterprise edition and includes the SAM Plan software maintenance. At the end of each year, renew through b-commerce® for another year's use of the license. BASIS customers interested in a permanent license should follow the terms of From an Older BASIS License, listed below.

From an Older BASIS License
BASIS offers product license upgrades through the SAM Plan for customers who purchase this software and support maintenance coverage for their older BASIS licenses. To upgrade any BASIS Product License, simply purchase the SAM Plan retroactively from the original date of purchase through today plus one year. In addition to these costs, if this license previously had SAM Plan coverage that is now lapsed, re-establish SAM coverage by paying a non-discountable reinstatement fee based on a percentage of the list price of a new license. In all situations, the customer will never pay more than the list price of an upgrade to an existing license according to the pricing schedule.

From Another Business BASIC
Competitive upgrades are priced at 90% of base price (list price less SAM). As with other BASIS Product purchases, one year of SAM Plan software and support maintenance is required. For more information on converting your application to BASIS technology, visit conversion utilities.


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