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KB#00551-State=S1000][Error=77][BASIS] [BASIS ODBC Driver] Execute() file sytem error: fserr=5 fserrs=-21


State=S1000][Error=77][BASIS] [BASIS ODBC Driver] Execute() file sytem error: fserr=5 fserrs=-21


This error has been reported when using the ODBC Driver and SQL verbs such as DISTINCT or ORDER BY. The SQL clause forces the ODBC Driver to create a temporary file for sorting purposes. However, the error will occur if the ODBC Driver has a problem creating the temporary file. Additionally, the floppy drive is accessed when the query executes.


1) Verify that the following environment variables are being set at both workstation and (if applicable) the Data Server machine. 


Under Windows NT, these environment variables are set in the Control Panel, System, Environments dialog. Note that these should be set at the SYSTEM level rather than the user level if they are to be set for all users. 

2) This error can also occur if the drive letter is omitted from the DATA= and DICTIONARY= sections of the config.tpm file. So, changing the config.tpm from: 



will solve the problem. 

Last Modified: 12/23/1997 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: WindowsError Number: OS Error: 21

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