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BASIS International Ltd. offers development tools for database-centric business applications to the FoxPro community. From the mature object-oriented programming language, BBj® - Java made easy, to the powerful rapid application development tool, the Barista® Application Framework, BASIS is ready to support your development efforts for both native client/server applications as well as the new era of cloud and browser deployment from the same code source. Transition your FoxPro application at your own pace, as others are doing. You have choices with BASIS. Move your data to BASIS technology and access your FoxPro database from your new cloud-enabled development using JDBC while developing anew with BASIS.

  • BBj’s easy to-learn syntax and API will feel comfortably familiar.
    • Includes a built-in database that allows SQL access as well as direct access to single records - read, write, and lock single records with a single statement. If you prefer, use BASIS’ ESQL or a standard SQL database like Oracle, Sybase from SAP, IBM's DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, or mySQL.
    • BASIS’ renowned platform independence provides developers with new business opportunities as does its browser deployment capability from a single code source.
  • Barista is an efficient GUI RAD tool that also provides programmers with granular control. A data dictionary-driven development framework and run-time engine.
    • Create new graphical applications and modernize existing FoxPro apps to a more contemporary look and feel.
    • Quickly generate GUI forms and queries and the business logic for data entry, editing, deleting, sorting, and filtering of data.
    • Includes a long list of built-in utilities and functionality that can both dramatically reduce development time and replace costly third party products.
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