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KB#00057-Unprotecting BBx programs


Unprotecting BBx programs


We offer unprotection service for a minimum fee of $130.00 for setup and the first five programs, and $13.00 for each program after the first five. There is a $130.00 per hour charge for any irregularities, conversions or problems, which is billed separately. This service must be pre-paid, charged to a credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express), COD or certified check. We cannot bill for this service. 

In order to unprotect the programs, we need: 

the program(s) in question 

method of payment information 

confirmation that the requester owns the copyright on the company letterhead--not a photocopy or fax--or a letter from the copyright owner on their company letterhead--not a photocopy or fax--granting access to the source code. 

The original program(s) will not be changed. They will be returned in their original form and the unprotected programs will accompany them. They will be returned via the same media we receive them. If the program or programs are in one level and the unprotected ones are to be in another, i.e., the original programs are in BBXPROGRESSION/4 and the new ones will be in PRO/5, that is considered a conversion and is subject to the $130.00 per hour charge discussed above. 

Last Modified: 03/06/2008 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

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