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KB#00664-PRO/5 ignores modes when the alias line is incorrect


PRO/5 ignores modes when the alias line is incorrect


PRO/5 uses spaces to delineate the various sections of an alias line. If one of the spaces is missing, PRO/5 will treat all characters up to the next space as part of that section. The following alias line demonstrates the problem: 

alias LP /dev/ttya32 "TI-810",spcols=132,cpcols=132,lock=/usr/pro5/LOCKLP 

Opening the LP alias will not result in the creation of the lock file, since there is a comma separating the printer's comment from its mode string instead of a space.


Ensure that all sections of the alias line are delineated by spaces

Last Modified: 07/10/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: N/A

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