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KB#01105-FlexLM error -8, Invalid (inconsistent) license key using BASIS License Manager version 10


FlexLM error -8, Invalid (inconsistent) license key using BASIS License Manager version 10


PRO/5 revision 5.00 under SCO does not work with the COMPOSITE hostid format used in the BLM version 10.1.x. 

The BASIS License Manager revision 10.1 can be installed and run under the SCO OpenServer operating system however the license file must use the hostid format of previous versions of the BLM. 

The revision 10 BLM is installed with BBj revision 5.02 so care needs to be taken when the customer is using the SCO OpenServer operating system and BBj. The following error message is received when attempting to connect to the BLM from a PRO/5 session: 

Invalid (inconsistent) license key 
The license-key and data for the feature do not match. 
This usually happens when a license file has been altered 
Feature: BBJ 
License path: /usr/basis/pro5/BASIS.lic 
FLEXlm error: -8,544 


The revision 10.1.x BLM understands and works fine with both the older hostid format along with the newer, more secure COMPOSITE hostid formats. 

In order to bypass the automatic generation of a COMPOSITE=XXXXXXX hostid under SCO OpenServer, run the following command from an operating system prompt, in the directory where the License Manager is installed: 
        ./lmutil lmhostid 

Once you've obtained the hostid (it will have a format of ID_STRING=xxxxxxxx), register for a BASIS License using this string. The license server will return a license file using the old format that will correctly install and run. 

Note as of 10/01/07 the automated license procedure will not longer accept non composite hostids. Please contact Technical Support if you require a license for this version of the Pro5.

Last Modified: 10/12/2007 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: SCO UNIX

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