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KB#01076-Instructions on running Vpro5 silent install


Instructions on running Vpro5 silent install


It is possible to do a silent install with VPRO/5 or any product that uses InstallShield including the BASIS License Manager and the PRO/5 Data Server for Windows NT/2000 since Silent Install is a function of the InstallShield software. Here are the 3 steps: 

1.) Run setup.exe passing a -r : 
setup -r 

This will create a install.iss response file in the <WINDOWS> directory. 
The install.iss file may be edited with a text editor. There are additional parameters that may be passed to InstallShield, additional documentation may found at the following link: 

2.) Copy this file to the directory where you plan on running setup.exe. 
For Visual PRO/5 this would probably be C:\basis\ or possibly C:\temp\ depending on where you have unzipped the self-extracting zip file) 

3.) Run setup.exe passing a -s: 
setup -s 

Running the install script this way also creates an install.log file. 

Last Modified: 01/02/2007 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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