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The latest versions of these products are available for you to download. Many updates are free of charge, depending on the update and its features.

For specific information about pricing you can refer to the pricing information available from the download links above, email or call your BASIS sales representative.


BBj Product Family Utilities Pack (.tar.Z) (4.56Mb)
BBj Product Family Utilities Pack (.exe) (3.36Mb)
Visual PRO/5 & PRO/5 Product Family Utilities Pack (.tar.Z) (2.67Mb)
Visual PRO/5 & PRO/5 Product Family Utilities Pack (.exe) (2.15Mb)

Each set includes:

  1. A full complement of the GML (Grid Management Library programs)
  2. The complete set of programs for the BWU (Basic Web Utility)
  3. Conversion programs and documentation to convert to BASIS products from most other Business BASIC interpreters including the updated file conversion program for Open BASIC
  4. An updated set of the STD and EXT programs.

The BASIC Web Utility 1.21 (.tar.Z)
The BASIC Web Utility 1.21 (.exe)

The BASIC Web Utility, included with current versions of PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5, connects Web servers with BBx applications using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), a standard Internet API. The BASIC Web Utility documentation is available online; you can also try an online demo of the BASIC Web Utility capabilities that simulates a simple CD store inventory control system and includes full source code.

Smart FTP Clients

If you are having difficulty in downloading product files due to dropped Internet connections, you may want to use a smart FTP client. A smart FTP client enables you to resume a file download at the point the connection was broken without having to start the file download from the beginning. BASIS makes available a few of the many smart FTP clients. These are provided as a convienence for our Customers and carry no warranty for suitability for any use and are not supported by BASIS. You may also find additional smart FTP clients in some of the available Internet file archives.

Windows Clients

Linux Client

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