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SAM Fulfillment
BASIS customers with serial numbers covered by a SAM (Software Asset Management) plan are entitled to free updates to any newer revision of the product line. You can update your PRO/5 licenses to the latest PRO/5 release, update your PRO/5 licenses to BBj®, or update your BBj. In the spaces below, type in your Serial Number, Authorization Number, and e-mail address where you'd like to receive your new authorization number.

Serial Number:  
Authorization Number:  
E-mail Address:  

Upon receipt of this information, BASIS will e-mail a license registration form to the address you have provided on this page with the information necessary to register your serial number to receive an updated license.The latest releases are available for download at:


Click on your selection of product family/major revision level below. (If you do not wish to trade up to BBj, please select your current product and desired revision.)

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and Version Level: