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Chairman, Chief Executive Officer - Nico Spence 
President, Chief Information Officer -  Dr. Kevin W. King

Nico Spence
Nico Spence
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

As Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Nico Spence develops and implements business strategies for BASIS' worldwide operations. Nico manages existing partner relationships and cultivates new ones by identifying ways to support and sustain customers' business needs. His primary responsibilities include determining corporate strategy to enhance shareholder value, and directing
product sales and marketing operations.

Nico joined BASIS in 2002, bringing over 20 years of diversified management, technical, and sales and marketing experience. In the late Eighties, Nico established an information technology and marketing company in South Africa called Business & Design Software. In addition to application software development and distribution, Business & Design software served as the distributor for BASIS products in Africa. After growing it into a successful business, Nico sold the company in 1999.

Nico holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town.


Kevin King
Dr. Kevin W. King
President and Chief Information Officer

As President, CIO, and Member of the Board, Dr. Kevin King manages a worldwide team of developers and is responsible for all aspects of the software engineering process including product vision, direction, development, quality assurance, systems administration, technical support, and documentation. Dr. King shares the management of day-to-day business operations, direction of worldwide operations, and the implementation of strategic initiatives with the executive management team.

Kevin joined BASIS in 1998 and has 25 plus years of management experience, including 15 years managing cross-platform software development projects. A technology industry veteran, he is a skilled leader with the ability to form cohesive employee teams that work efficiently toward common company goals. His tenure as VP of Engineering at BASIS provided experience ranging from cross-platform product development to enterprising leadership.

In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Kevin earned a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, and a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership.




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